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Welcome to Limitless Roleplay 3.0!


After the work of 2.0, and the excellent cooperation of the community and staff team, 3.0 has gotten off to a resounding success! A complete overhaul of new items, jobs, cars and means of rising up within the city. Factions like EMS, Police and Mechanics have had a revamp, with all new vehicles, MLO's and uniforms, as well as specialist equipment to separate us from the rest, putting us up there, being incredibly integrated and advanced. There are a whole host of means for you to be able to experience, some could call it a 'limitless' amount of ways! All new legal jobs, including Emergency Services, Department of Justice and Government, working for Amazon or flipping burgers. Or the more underground art of street racing and the art of the drug world and our gang interactions that certainly keep the police on their toes. And what's better is, we haven't stopped! There is so much more that is planned for Limitless over the coming months to really continue to separate us from the rest.

The Question is, are you ready to start your Limitless Adventure?

The website you're currently viewing is the main Limitless Hub. Here you can view all the key announcements and important links and Limitless related websites from here.

The Staff Team here at Limitless wishes you the best of adventures and fun during your stay in our great city. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support channels in our Discord